Scholarship Recipients

2020 Recipients:

  • Yohana- University of Texas at Austin
  • Crystal- Houston Community College
  • Mylesha- Barry University
  • Kasandra- University of Houston Downtown
  • Epifania- Johns Hopkins University
  • Tren’kell- University of Texas at San Antonio

2019 Recipients:

  • Abigail- University of Houston
  • Yohana- University of Texas at Austin (multi-year recipient)
  • Crystal- Texas State University (multi-year recipient)
  • Kimberly- University of Houston Downtown (multi-year recipient)
  • Brianna- Texas Women’s University
  • Amissi- Wittenberg University
  • Jean- Austin College (multi-year recipient)
  • Judith- Dartmouth College (multi-year recipient)
  • Mylesha- Culinary Institute
  • Kasandra- Texas A&M Corpus Christi
  • Tren’kell- University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Jose- Houston Community College
  • Jaime- University of Texas at Austin

2018 Recipients:

  • Judith- Dartmouth College
  • Aiden-Bradley University
  • Yohana-University of Texas at Austin
  • Jean-Austin College (multi-year recipient)
  • Charity and Chasity-University of DC
  • Crystal (multi-year recipient) & Carolina-Texas State University
  • Reuben-Texas A&M at Corpus Christi
  • Janet (multi-year recipient & Kimberly-University of Houston
  • Raul & Alexis-University of Houston-Downtown
  • Andrew & Ambar- Prairie View A&M University

2017 Recipients:

  • Crystal- Texas State University
  • Ashley- University of Texas at Austin
  • Janet- University of Houston (multi-year recipient)
  • Jean- Austin College (multi-year recipient)
  • Marisol – University of Texas at Austin (multi-year recipient)
  • Kelly- Tarleton College
  • Natalie- Sam Houston State University

2016 Recipients:

  • Jean- Austin College
  • Genereux- Wake Forest University
  • Telijah- Queensborough Community College
  • Marisol- University of Texas at Austin (multi-year recipient)
  • Maritza- Praire View A & M
  • Alexis- Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Nely & Cinthia- University of Houston
  • Janet and Martin- University of Houston (multi-year recipients)
  • Jazzmine- University of North Texas (multi-year recipient)

2015 Recipients

  • Marisol- University of Texas at Austin
  • Roger, Martin, Ricardo, Janet & Elizabeth- University of Houston
  • Briehna- Texas A & M
  • Karla & Karla- Texas State University (multi-year recipients)
  • Jazzmine- University of North Texas
  • Dayana- Sam Houston State University

2014 Davis High School Graduates:

  • Mayela- Texas A & M University
  • Ricardo & Janet- University of Houston
  • Maritza- University of Texas-San Antonio
  • Yesica- Texas State University
  • Consuelo- Texas A & M University (repeat awardee-sophomore)
  • Madeline- Lakeland College, WI (repeat awardee-sophomore)

2013 Davis & Sharpstown High School Graduates:

  • Cynthia – University of Texas at Austin, BS Biochemistry (2017)
  • Joally- University of Texas at Austin, BA (2017)
  • Isais, Angelica & Tyresa- University of Houston
  • Consuelo, Jefferson & Leslie- Texas A & M University
  • Dante-Stanford University (2017)

2012 Davis High School Graduates:

  • Madeline-Lakeland College, BA Computer Science (2016)
  • Fausto- University of Texas at Austin, computer science
  • John- University of Texas at Austin, engineering
  • Karla-Texas State University
  • Angelica-University of Texas-San Antonio
  • Elizabeth, Marisol, Jessica-University of Houston
  • Isai, Joann, Angela, Jessica-University of Houston, Downtown

2011 Davis High School Graduates:

  • Ana-Wesleyan University
  • Ashley – University of Texas at Austin
  • Yvette- University of Texas at Austin, BA Psychology (2015), works for a non-profit
  • Hannah-University of Texas at Austin, BA Kinesiology (2015), PhD Physical Therapy (estimated 2018)
  • Manuel-Texas A & M, BA Math (2016), teacher in Houston
  • Joanna- Stephen F. Austin University, BA Music and Education (2016), teacher in Dallas Public School
  • Jacqueline- University of Texas-Dallas
  • Yuridia & Danielle- University of Houston
  • Yenika, Biliulfo & Laura-University of Houston-Downtown
  • Ryekeisha-Clark University and UH

2010 Davis High School Graduates:

  • Fernando-Beloit College, BA History (2014.) Working on PhD in Sociology at the University of Georgia
  • Diamantina- University of Houston, BA (2017). Starting Nursing School in Fall 2017
  • Jannett and Elvira- University of Texas at Austin
  • Wilson- UT and HCC
  • Rebecca- Texas State University,
  • Jose, Carlos & Karen- University of Houston

2009 Davis High School Graduates

  • Brenda- University of Texas, BA 2013
  • Frank-Cornell University, BA (2013. Teacher in HISD.
  • Alexander-University of Evansville
  • Miguel-University of St. Thomas
  • Osvaldo & Alberto- University of Houston-Downtown
  • Santa-Texas State University

2008 Davis High School Graduates:

  • Don, Beloit College, BA Computer Science (2012.) Working as a computer scientist
  • Nazahet, University of Texas, BA English (2013)
  • Daisy, University of Houston-Downtown, BA Business (2014)

2007 Reagan High School graduates: 5 at UH and 4 at UHD

2006 Reagan High School graduates

  • Arely: University of Texas at Austin.BA, 2012.
  • Jacqueline: University of Houston, BA/MA in accounting, 2011.
  • Martin, University of Houston

2005 Reagan High School graduate

  • Roberto: pursuing his math degree at UH, IT professional

2003 Davis High School graduates

  • Selene: University of Texas at Austin, 2007.
  • David: University of St. Thomas, 2007. BA in Theater. Social worker and maker of independent films
  • Nestor: Texas Tech University, BS in Computer Engineering (2007). Software engineer at National Instruments.

2002 Davis High School Graduates

  • Ameythst: University of Texas, 2006.
  • Daisy: Kalamazoo College, BA, Library Science (2006), Masters in Library Science (2008), University of North Texas Masters.. Working as a librarian at HCC
  • Olga: UHD, 2006. BS in mathematics. Math teacher and mother

2001 Davis High School Graduates

  • Carlos: Bowdoin College, 2005. BA in History. Director of marketing. Planning to become a teacher.
  • Wilbur: University of Houston. Runs a New York City dance company.

2000 Davis High School Graduates

  • Catalina: University of Virginia, 2006. BA in architecture.
  • Crystal: Duke University, 2005. BA in Biology. Currently in public health graduate school.
  • Roberto: University of Houston, 2004. BS in civil engineering.

 1998 Davis High School Graduates

  • Gustavo: Princeton, 2002. PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago-2009. Works for the State Department
  • Ezekiel: Cornell University, 2002. Engineer in the US Army. MA in Military History, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Teaches at West Point
  • Izamara: Rice University, 2002. UH Law School. Practicing Attorney
  • Monica: Texas A & M, 2001. BA- Psychology. MA-Psychology (HBU). Licensed school psychologist

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