About the 11 1/2 St Foundation

The 11 1/2 St Foundation is an educational foundation that supports scholarships for socio-economically disadvantaged students. We have awarded 140 scholarships totaling $102,000 since incorporating as a 501c3 non profit in 2001.

The student recipients are committed and intelligent and almost all of them are first generation college students. Most family income range from less than $10,000/yr to about $40,000/yr. The 11 1/2 St Foundation scholarship recipients have primarily been students in Ruth Kravetz’s classes at either Davis (now Northside HS) or Reagan High School but include students from other schools.

The colleges from which the students have graduated include Beloit, the University of Texas, Princeton, Wesleyan, the University of Virginia, Kalamazoo, Cornell, Texas State and the University of Houston.The scholarship is sometimes the difference between being able to attend college or not.  The scholarship recipient list is here and their thank you notes provide you with a window into their first  college years. Many of the recipients are now teachers themselves, most working in high need communities.

In addition to offering a scholarship to under-represented students, the 11 1/2 St Foundation provided veteran teacher awards in 2001 for teachers and staff committed to working in high need schools. This Veteran Teachers’ Award was presented to eight teachers and staff working in public schools in the North Central region of HISD in 2002.

In 1998, while a teacher at Davis High School, Ruth Kravetz began giving small scholarships to students in her calculus classes with money collected from friends and family. In 2001,  the 11 ½ Street Foundation, a 501c3 public foundation, was formed to formalize the scholarship program and provide a one time set of veteran teacher awards. Since 2001, we have given away about $102,000 in scholarships ranging from $500 to $1500 per scholarship to approximately 140 recipients and $24,000 in teacher appreciation awards.

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